Benefit now from almost 20 years of experience creating and managing content for companies and agencies.


Content Creation & Content Management


Wrong, broken, inefficient or even missing content processes and workflows have a huge impact on online business performances. 


I help you succeed


Content needs to be managed. Always. Managing, coordinating and handling Content needs people knowing Content. Improvements in crucial content management aspects always lead to immediate performance improvements. I tailor, consult and help you, create, develope, optimise, support and install what´s needed based on and in close cooperation with your actual setup and given structure.

How I can help

Content Management

Better performance

Performance is based on processes, workflows and involved people

Higher productivity

If you improve your setup it automatically gets more productive

Easier workflows

Let´s get rid of the internal barriers and frustrating blockades

Satisfied stakeholders

Get rid of the things that leads to frustration in several departments

Smoother processes

A process can be adapted and it is easier than people might think

Quality improvement

Better content as soon as things run easier and structured


Content solutions for Agencies B2B & B2C

I can help you to bring your content in line

Reliable and experienced Content Freelancer are essential for agencies. Contributing Content for agencies needs a good understanding of several content projects and how agencies work. Freelancers always should keep in mind that Agencies need to deliver their projects in a given time frame and in a way their client will agree on and approve it. I can provide my experience helping agencies in content creation and ideation processes, content project management and other kind of processes during the different project stages. I am also experienced operating as key account.

My Services


Content solutions for Companies B2B & B2C

I take care of your content - and your team

It is all about understanding the individual brand tone and voice and find a good way to communicate those in different channels. I am experienced cooperating with internal content teams as well as with stakeholder management throughout different departments. I support the content process in close cooperation with your team and create relevant content for your different channels.


Content- & Editorial Management

I can help you to bring your content in line

Certain broken or not existing key processes within Content- and Marketing workflows can lead to enormous costs for companies, to a weaker performance and frustration within involved departments. Often the adaption or implementation of easy, simple and clear new processes and workflows can lead to instant performance improvements. All solutions are tailored and in close cooperation with you. Sometimes it makes sense to even start small. Step by step lowering the barriers and blockades and improving the overall performance. I consult and help you improving your content workflows & processes you need, tailored for your company. 

Content Team Lead (remote)

I can take care of your content - and your team

Good content teams need guidance and leadership. Bring the content of your company on another level. Let us bring your content in line with your business goals, let us install the useful processes and workflows and  improve the performance of your content. All recommendations from my side will ideally be in line with your actual setup as it is now and (if wanted) in close cooperation with your marketing, SEO or any other involved departments to optimise your content output and performance.

I might be the missing link in your business setup.


Content workflow & process optimisation

Content is the most important asset in your setup

I consult and help you improving your content workflows & processes you need, tailored for your company. There is no setup template that can be installed to each company - it is individual.

Content audit
(SEO data based)

An audit gives you a nice starting point

A content audit gives you a good overview of the quality and quantity of your content. Useful to determine the good and the bad content in your setup. What is missing, what is good what needs adaption or cleaning and curation? Leads to a pretty good basis to start making necessary changes.


Content curation
(SEO data based)

Adapt, improve, update

There is a lot of potential in curating content. It is not always necessary to produce everything from scratch again for several channels. Useful & already existing content can be adapted, improved and updated based on data research - using this data about what your potential visitors are interested in. Let´s find the gems in your setup.

Content strategy & governance

Don´t be overwhelmed by so many channels

The amount of different content channels throughout a company can be overwhelming. Often internal guidelines, governance and coordination throughout all channels and involved stakeholder are missing. Let´s keep it in line.


Content HR & Recruiting consulting

Good content needs good content people

Finding the right content people is not always easy and I can help you to get a good setup - for your needs. I consult and support you to set up a proper content team. No matter contractors, in-house or freelancers. Even multilingual if needed.


Managing Content Freelancers can be time consuming

Delegating the right content to the right freelancer, keep track with the time lines, add new freelancers, making adaptions, coordinating languages and bringing all the contributions in line can be a time consuming job. If you are looking for any external solutions to coordinate, delegate and lead your freelancers - just get in touch.

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Content Localisation
(Planning & Realisation)

Enter new markets - in several languages

Especially as soon as you want to enter a new market you need all your content another langugage. Translation is an option but more important is the localisation. My team of freelancers can create multilingual content in the language(s) you want. Your visitors will thank you for localising your content instead of just translating it. Also the localisation process can get a bit complex quickly - it is also about validating the content you plan to publish. From planning to creation and implementation - I support you in your content localisation process.

Content Ideation Management

Running out of Content ideas is not an option

One of the biggest issues in online business setups - especially B2B - is running out of topics and content ideas. That only happens if there is no data based process in place defining what content is needed. There is always anything going on in your industry - running out of topics is not an option. 

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Content Planning & Editorial Calendar

Be on top of all Content going out - let´s make a plan.

Content Planning is about content collecting, content filtering and content consolidation. The right planning makes your life much easier, provides a good structure and enables you to maximise your content resources. A proper editorial calendar can get pretty complex quickly depending on what dates, events or industry related features you want to involve.

Content Implementation

If it is not live - it does not exist

The whole content implemetation process within companies can get frustrating. Who works within the CMS? Who can publish? Pictures? Headlines? Sub-Heads? Automized Social sharing? Who is pushing the button to make it live? Do all Content creators have the same knowledge of the CMS (Content Management System)? "Can you work with wordpress?" is normally the only question being asked.

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My Services

"...if it is crap, wrong, not in line and/or against the defined guidelines, rules, governance, strategy or defined goals it simply does not go online. Period.

You definitely need a proper content person in the Content seat managing, handling and coordinating your content

This person also WANTS to sit in this seat

Not "anybody" you defined to be the one from the Marketing team, any SEO Junior or the Social Media Manager. This is not their job. What I am referring to is a dedicated Content nerd, that one true owner, who is solely focused on the content creation efforts for your company. Especially if you want to walk an inbound path to attain the growth, revenue, and brand awareness you are looking for.

Working with me

The important Content seat:

Whether you're practicing inbound marketing or content marketing, you can't expect 100% from something when you're only putting 25% of the effort and focus into it. 

Why do you really need a dedicated Content person within your Online Marketing?

  • Business owners often ask: "Why do I need a Head of Content if I already have a Head of Marketig and a Head of SEO?

    Simple answer: because none of them IS a Content person. Content is not just content writing. The "content guy" does his job perfectly, as soon as all others are total aware of that he simply sticks to given guidelines, deadlines, clearly defined goals, strategies, wordings, tone & voice or the focus on certain KPIs. No matter what. Because - the others definitely don´t. Because - that is not their prio. That is simply the truth. They move any deadlines if they want to, publish uncoordinated things, just order any keyword-related stuff from any freelancers, see all through their own department glasses or even be just surprised by the christmas campaigns coming up in December.

  • "We've got a few people who can use part of their time on inbound marketing and creating content, it's fine."

    Nope. Sorry. It is not fine. Absolutely not. What you've really got are just a few people who will deprioritize your content strategy the second something else "more important" comes along — and you won't have anyone to hold them accountable, because that single owner of your content does not exist. 


  • People who want to take care of the Content of a company, also should have the passion for content. That is definitely not for everyone.

    Digital marketers, Social Media people or SEOs who end up with content management responsibilities they shouldn't have and/or never didn't ask for, most of the times end up leaving or cycling out to another role within the company. Someone either has the foundational skills and (more importantly) the passion for content, specifically, or they don't. 


  • Accountability, responsibility and ownership of content in all existing channels is a key factor for success in online business.

    It needs the ONE who asks relevant questions. To Marketing, SEO, CRM, Sales and the authors as well. That person who is always the ONE not being scared to potentially "blocking", "requesting", "adapting" or "not approving" it by simply doing his job - which is absolutely crucial but can be very painful for any involved department within a company. Especially when you are under time pressure. 

Corporate Website Content

Professional content for your audience

Me and my experienced team of writers will give your new or already existing website a voice. Most web developers are more interested in making a pretty looking site and expect you to provide the content. It sounds easy enough, until you actually sit down to write. Don't despair, that's why I am here. I will make all your website content worries disappear. Of course it is all SEO optimised and if needed multilingual.

My Services


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PR, Marketing & Brand Content

Make it sound natural - not artificial

While “branding” a product is all about promoting a term, symbol or a product name, public relations (PR) experts view their job as also pitching something with marketing and advertising efforts. Another aspect of branding and PR is linked to develop a customer’s interest in product advertising. This goal drives both the act of promoting a “brand” with such things as a public relations “press release.” The art of both of these methods is linked to the overall business view of doing everything possible to sell something.

Corporate Publishing Content & Planning

High end communication 1:1 with the target group

I work as a contributor for agencies and also for companies direct. Classic channels for Corporate Publishing are print- & online magazines or corporate books. Marketing experts call this Owned Media. I provide from content production to planning & topic ideation to project management or full production. I am a proven expert with almost 15 years of experience in Corporate Publishing. I was Speaker for Corporate Publishing for the German Press Academy in Berlin, and realised for 5 years the full production of the quarterly customer magazine of Runners Point (Footlocker). Beside this I was also Editor for the multi award winning magazine "you&me" for Deutsche Telekom AG and contributed numerous other content for several agencies and companies in Corporate Publishing projects. Let us create something interesting and relevant for your target group.

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Social Media Content & Channel Management

Create something interesting in all these channels

Wondering which social networks are right for your business? The golden rule to win business via social media is to be where your customers are. I provide content for several Social Media channels such as facebook, linkedin, instagram, pinterest etc. Social media management is a service which provides social media posting, strategy, audience research, audience building and reporting. The aim is to help the client business to grow their presence online through gaining more followers via social media, then engaging and nurturing those followers to become fans or customers. 

Landing Page Content

Landing Pages need to be as efficient as possible

No matter how beautiful your landing pages are, it’s the copy that makes the most difference to how effectively a landing page converts visitors. From the headline to the call-to-action (CTA), every aspect of landing page copywriting is fundamental to helping you to achieve your goal of getting leads and sales.

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i-Gaming Content

Sports Book, Casino, Poker & Co.

No matter if operator or affiliate - keeping on top of content, and creating new content is hard to do, but vital to keep your site fresh and up to date. My iGaming content service is here to help. I can provide & create exciting, engaging content across all niches and a variety of languages. I worked in i-Gaming myself for several years and cover Sports Betting, Casino, Poker, Bingo, eSports etc. I provide from operator reviews, slots guides, payment options, industry news stories, football tips and previews, sports news, and any other type of content you might need. Multilingual.

Sports Content

Sports always generates people´s interest

If you provide sports content - most of the time you generate attention. I worked for round 12 years as a sports journalist print/online with round +500 publications. No matter if it is international football, football culture, NBA Basketball or any other sports related topic - I can provide it. From planning and contributing the content to creating a sports editorial calendar for the biggest international sports events - Sports is always an amazing factor when it comes to generate people´s interest.

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner
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Affiliate Content

Descriptions, Reviews, Category content

The keys in affiliate marketing content are​ long tail keywords, semantic and understanding the users search intent. Most people already fail with the semanctic approach. So their content is not even close to perform. To have any organic success it also needs user relevant reviews, product- & service descriptions plus good category- & landing page content in affiliate. The competition is brutal and big money to rank on top of the game is involved as well. So spend big money or create a smart approach.

Video Content
Concept & Realisation

Create long lasting  content to share in all channels.

Sometimes it is so much easier to explain all advantages of a product in a nice professional product video. This content can be shared easily and can be used in almost every channel. I cooperate with professional video producers and can provide the conception, planning and realisation of product videos, image videos, and review videos. Get a quote now.

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"Content is king."

Bill Gates

Providing and creating content for agencies and companies needs experience and a good understanding of how content works.

I provide content

I provided my Services for numerous agencies and companies for almost 20 years in all kind of ways, industries & projects. No matter B2B, B2C, print or online. From Content Project Management to Content Contribution for Corporate websites, Social Media or Corporate Publishing.

Nearly 20 years experience  in Content & Online Marketing  

All services I offer can be realised in line with your existing structure, staff and teams. I am experienced in team-, project- & stakeholder management. I offer a free initial call or chat to discuss any of your potential needs, projects, setup problems, demands and potential solutions. In most cases I find a quick way to help & support. 


Let´s take care of yours now 


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