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Let's assume whatever you publish is responsible for your...

...Online Sales




...Brand awareness


...means, for any relevant results -
your Content needs to be... line with your
business goals

...organized & managed


...performance orientated based

...client centric

Today, writing & creating the content
is considered the most important step - IT IS NOT !


To get content written or created by any content writer(s) or creator(s) is only the execution of what has been done before. Before you consider to let anybody write/create it, you might want to take care, think about and focus way more on a few of the way more important aspects of Content. Asking for the "Why" and "What" is nothing but Strategy & Tactics. Your created content is only as good as what you have evaluated, strategized and specified before



"Without strategy, content is just stuff. And the world has enough stuff." 
Arjun Basu



A few things to consider if want to get your Content strategic:

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is often the key for success in all kinds of projects. In Content it is as well - especially when many different channels are involved. Interacting with all involved internal and external parties. Exchange throughout all involved departments, interaction with all involved people in Content is very important to provide issues during your Content creation process such as timeline problems, communication issues on different levels, and different performance issues.

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Site Management

The daily site management is a crucial element within every Content department. A proper Content Management System is in place and most editors work within this system. But the aspects of sorting, updating, amendments and structuring the Content within the CMS is often underestimated. A good site management allows Content to create a system to keep an overview of all content within a site. Plan your content ahead. A proper editorial calendar can get pretty complex quickly depending on what dates, events or industry related features you want to involve. It enables you to plan and coordinate the content creation process. It helps to decide whether you can solve this in-house or do you need any external suppliers? The Editorial calendar also gives a good overview of what comes up soon and allows involved departments and stakeholder to contribute the right things in time.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Editorial Management

Editorial Management needs clear workflows and a structure. Good Editorial Management is important to streamline communication between Authors, Editors and Reviewers throughout the peer review process. Leading a Content Team needs a clear understanding of timelines, deadlines, and clear structure from ideation to publication including all steps in between. Good Content needs dedicated Leadership and guidance.

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Business Intelligence today is
Content Intelligence

Content production is great at face value, but ultimately, business results are what matter. Content needs to perform and deliver quantifiable business impact. Way too much irrelevant stuff gets published on a daily basis, teams, employees and visitors get frustrated and the Content efforts deliver no results at all. Today, online success simply means planning around people - not around your company, products or services. One of the biggest challenges in Content - no matter B2B or B2C - is being able to create the quantity of high-quality Content needed in a cost effective way, providing answers to the potential target group. Consumers B2B & B2C realize they have any kind of problem, need or pain point - going to search for answers. So you simply have to​ follow that and provide them the right answers and solutions. We are all aware of that today the consumer is in control - so, as consumers lead, marketers and brands must follow. Otherwise they fall behind. 

Get your Content strategic & organized
- always.

Too often Content production in many companies is inefficient and chaotic - without any business relevant results. Creating content for all channels is a daily business and it needs a team, a structure and a plan. Beside technical problems, Content Strategy & Content Organization are the biggest issues in most online businesses. Content is all you have to offer - better treat it right. As long as you keep your Content - the most important asset - unstructured, not properly planned, managed and organized, without any strategic approach or any solid data based and client centric approach behind it, the performance of your online business suffers. Content Intelligence is managing, coordinating and handling Content on a daily basis and it needs people knowing Content. It needs a working Content Management with a proper dedicated Content Leadership, governance & efficient workflows & processes behind it. Broken, wrong, inefficient or even missing Content workflows & processes have huge impacts on online business performances.

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"Dealing with content is messy. It is complicated, it is painful and it is expensive"
Kristina Halvorson

Let´s talk Content


E-Commerce / Digital Marketing

Generating Leads & optimizing Conversion needs a good Content structure. Beside the strategy, handling, organization, and management of Content there are a few other factors for performance to be considered

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