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Working with Content Strategists

Collaborating with a freelance content strategist offers businesses a range of advantages, leveraging the unique attributes and independence that freelancers bring to the table without being influenced by internal sensitivities or pre-existing dynamics

When you might need a Content Strategist

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Content Strategists just point out things you might not have considered yet.

While you are still wondering why your online business is not gaining the results you like - even while you have all those "experts", daily working intensively on your SEO, paid Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, and all those other single marketing tactics.

My job is to make you think about what your business needs to prosper, grow, and develop - enabling you and supporting you to gain results in your online marketing efforts. As we are all aware, as a Business Owner, it's crucial sometimes to take a little moment to reflect on your strategies. Especially if it comes to online marketing. Especially when despite your earnest efforts and a team of dedicated "experts," the desired results remain elusive. It's akin to steering a ship with all hands on deck, but somehow, you find yourself drifting farther away from your destination. Consider this: you have specialists meticulously handling your SEO, Email Marketing, paid Ads, Social Media, you name it – each a piece of the intricate puzzle that is online marketing. Yet, the irony persists – the more time, money, or people you invest in these areas, the more your anticipated outcomes seem to slip through your fingers. Now, let's address the amusing paradox that you find yourself entangled in – the perpetual focus on SEO and various online marketing tactics, despite the underwhelming results. It's like trying to bake a perfect cake by adding more of the same ingredients that have failed to deliver the desired flavor. So, why persist with a strategy that's not yielding the results you envision? Maybe it's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room and consider the transformative impact of collaborating with a Content Strategist. Your online marketing performance demands a shift in perspective. It's time to break free from the illusion that more of the same will lead to different outcomes. Shift your focus a tiny bit further to impactful, audience-centric content. Your audience isn't just a statistic – they are your future customers.

It's time you take care of them now.

When you might need a Content Strategist:

If you consider the results you achieve with your online marketing are not in line with the effort of having several "experts" working on SEO and all those online marketing things, spending a fortune on all that but not gaining significant growth or sales it might be time to consider collaborating with a Content Strategist.


Here are key situations when bringing in a Content Strategist is beneficial:

Lack of a clear Content Strategy:

Your business doesn't have a well-defined content strategy, and content creation occurs without a cohesive plan. A Content Strategist can develop a comprehensive content strategy aligned with your business objectives, defining goals, target audience, key messages, and distribution channels.

Ineffective Audience Engagement:

Despite producing content, your business struggles to engage and connect with the target audience. A Content Strategist can conduct audience research, identify audience preferences, and tailor content to resonate with the target demographic, improving engagement and interaction.

Failure to Meet Marketing Goals:

Your business is falling short of achieving its marketing objectives despite various efforts. The Content Strategist aligns content creation with overarching marketing goals, ensuring that every piece of content contributes to the larger strategy and objectives.

Limited Understanding of Needs:

There's a gap in understanding the audience's needs, pain points, and preferences.Through research and analysis, the Content Strategist can provide valuable insights into the target audience, guiding content creation that addresses specific needs and interests.

Chaotic Content Process:

There is a lack of organization in your content creation process, leading to content chaos, missed deadlines, and inconsistency. The Content Strategist can establish clear workflows, governance structures, and guidelines to streamline the content creation process, ensuring efficiency and coherence.

Brand Inconsistency:

Content across different channels lacks consistency, resulting in a fragmented brand image. A Content Strategist can enforce brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent voice, tone, and visual identity across all communication channels.

Unoptimized Content:

Existing content isn't effectively repurposed, and there's a lack of optimization for different platforms and formats. The Content Strategist can identify opportunities for content repurposing, ensuring that high-performing content is leveraged across various channels and formats for maximum impact.

SEO Challenges:

Your business struggles with search engine optimization (SEO) and fails to achieve desired rankings. The Content Strategist can implement SEO best practices, conduct keyword research, and optimize content to improve search engine visibility and rankings.

Why Content Strategists Are Essential:

The challenge for many online businesses lies in the dominance of SEO and marketing efforts that may not be inherently audience-centric. Content Strategists play a pivotal role in aligning the company content with both SEO requirements and the needs of the target audience. By addressing the identified challenges, businesses can create a more holistic and effective approach to content that ultimately contributes to improved overall online marketing performance.

Balancing SEO and Audience Needs:

Content Strategists bridge the gap between SEO requirements and audience needs, ensuring that content is optimized for search engines while remaining highly engaging and relevant to the audience.

Independence and Neutrality

Freelance Content Strategists bring a distinct advantage to businesses through their independence, external objectivity, detachment, and neutral assessment. 

Neutrality is a key attribute of freelance content strategists. They are operating independently in the process. They are not bound by internal processes. They do not need to please internal stakeholders or navigate hierarchical structures, Ensuring their efforts remain uninfluenced by internal biases or political dynamics in the company

Collaboration and Unified Strategy:

Content Strategists facilitate collaboration between SEO, marketing, and other departments to create a unified content strategy that aligns with business goals and audience expectations.

Clear Governance and Guidelines:

Content Strategists establish clear governance structures and guidelines, providing a roadmap for consistent and cohesive content creation across the organization.

Strategic Oversight:

With a Content Strategist in place, businesses gain strategic oversight, ensuring that content efforts contribute to long-term objectives and overall business success.

Efficient Resource Utilization:

As a freelance content strategist, I offer a flexible and efficient resource model. Businesses can benefit from my expertise without the long-term commitment associated with hiring a full-time strategist. This allows for cost-effective utilization of resources while tapping into specialized skills.

Strategic Vision:

A freelance content strategist brings a strategic vision to the table. By analyzing your business goals and target audience, I develop a tailored content strategy that aligns with your overarching objectives. This strategic approach ensures that every piece of content serves a purpose in driving business growth.

Audience-Centric Guidance:

Content Strategists bring a deep understanding of audience behaviors and preferences, guiding content creation with a focus on building meaningful connections and engagement. Understanding your audience is at the core of my strategy. I craft content that resonates with your target demographic, addressing their pain points, needs, and preferences. This client-centric approach enhances engagement, fosters brand loyalty, and attracts a more qualified audience.

Content Transformation:

Content Strategists work to transform generic content into more compelling, unique, and audience-centric pieces, ensuring that the brand stands out in a crowded online space.

Adaptability and Innovation:

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. With my finger on the pulse of industry trends, I bring adaptability and innovation to your content strategy. This ensures that your business stays ahead of the curve, embracing new opportunities and technologies for continued growth.

Holistic Integration:

Rather than isolated efforts, I advocate for an integrated approach. Coordinating content with SEO and marketing initiatives, I create a holistic strategy that leverages the synergies between these crucial elements. This integration ensures that every aspect of your online presence contributes cohesively to your success.

Measurable Results:

A key advantage of my services is a focus on measurable results. I implement key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of the content strategy. This data-driven approach allows for continuous improvement and optimization based on real-time insights.


...which facilitates, allows for, or contributes and liberates to: 

Performance issues? Have you ever wondered, why so many of your Online Marketing efforts simply do not lead to the results you want?

Not gaining the performance, growth, traffic, or sales you would like to have? You are not alone: around 70% of all online businesses say their marketing campaigns weren’t working as expected. That means a lot of companies are failing to hit their potential, even if they have all those "experts" working on all that online marketing stuff daily. 

But why is it?

What I do

As a content strategist, I create customized solutions to enhance businesses' success in the digital realm. Drawing on my proficiency in audience analysis, content governance, and strategic planning, I create holistic Content strategies that resonate with specific audiences, foster engagement, and meet organizational goals.

Let´s make it strategic

Let´s find out how I might help you

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