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"How is your Content?"




Clients & direct Project Stakeholders

"Without Strategy, Content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff." 

Arjun Basu

What others say: 

Direct project connections, customers, and work relationships


Thomas Marotzke
CEO SIDESTEP (Foot Locker)

I worked with Kay Auster over a time span of 5 years - and we extended our project with him 4 times. He always adapted to new requirements and brought in a mindset and attitude that a company like ours expects from an external service provider. He always had a keen eye on details and he and his team cooperated absolutely flawless with all our employees and all the involved very sensitive international big brand stakeholders. Highly recommended


Markus Christmann
Owner, Agency Goldene Generation

Kay implemented his excellent specialist knowledge adequately, independently and in a result-oriented manner. He has a quick mind, showed himself to be confident and flexible even under time pressure. He always showed a high degree of initiative and completed his tasks with precision. He found optimal solutions, always planned all projects carefully and guaranteed consistent implementation. As an agency, you can also let Kay without hesitation talk to customers - so I can definitely recommend Kay Auster.


Hiro Kishi
Vice President, Deutsche Telekom

Kay worked as Freelancer in Corporate Communications of Deutsche Telekom over a period of 5 years. He always solved the tasks assigned to him with maximum creativity and skill to our complete satisfaction. His way of working as an external service provider and communicating with various Telekom executives and employees in all projects was exemplary. I have no hesitation in recommending Kay Auster


Erik Gjerde
CEO Highlightmedia Ltd.

During our almost 2 years in the project I have always found Kay to be an honest and dependable individual. I highly recommend, without reservation that you seriously consider Kay Auster for projects within your organization. I am confident that he will be able to quickly provide value to your team.


Julian Pesek
Owner, Agency Adtracktive

Kay Auster is a very experienced marketing all-rounder who makes every project better, both professionally and personally. My GoTo expert for strategic content, eCommerce, and other projects.

Highly recommended.


Bente Matthes
Social Media Expert

I know Kay for over 15 years now. Working with him is and was always a pleasure. He knows his stuff, is a quick thinker and goes straight to the point. If you consider to add any versatile, additional horsepower to your agency project I really recommend you should definitely consider to talk to Kay



Dylan Grech
CEO & Lifeboat e-Commerce

I enjoy working with Kay and he helped growing my business through various ideas and concepts. He also has a great attention to detail, understands certain potential issues very quickly and always came up with several useful solutions. So if you should consider Kay Auster for any of your eCommerce projects I can definitely recommend him. You would appreciate to have him in any of your projects.


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gehlert
Sporthochschule Köln

In my capacity as a doctor of sports medicine, I've never worked directly with Kay on projects, but was in lively exchange with him for some of his projects or in the past as part of his research as a sports journalist, often with my expertise. Kay has in-depth sports knowledge. For any sports-related projects, I would unreservedly recommend Kay Auster.


Alexandre Grella
Senior SEO

Kay Auster is one of the best professionals I was given the opportunity to work with in my career. He has an extensive knowledge in his field and also understands the interconnections with areas as diverse as technical SEO, project management or strategy. Kay was always clear, organized and absolutely straight forward. If you need anybody for your project(s) with good leadership skills, and knowing what he is doing, I highly recommend to take Kay Auster in your considerations.


Performance issues? Have you ever wondered, why so many of your Online Marketing efforts simply do not lead to the results you want?

Not gaining the performance, growth, traffic, or sales you would like to have? You are not alone: around 70% of all online businesses say their marketing campaigns weren’t working as expected. That means a lot of companies are failing to hit their potential, even if they have all those "experts" working on all that online marketing stuff daily

But why is it?

"Nobody cares about your products or services, except you. Create interesting Content."

David Meerman Scott


What I do

As a content strategist, I create customized solutions to enhance businesses' success in the digital realm. Drawing on my proficiency in audience analysis, content governance, and strategic planning, I create holistic Content strategies that resonate with specific audiences, foster engagement, and meet organizational goals.

Let´s make it strategic

"Behind every piece of bad Content is an executive who asked for it." 

Michael Brenner


Whether you need to improve your overall online performance, require a solid Content Strategy, a Content Lead, Content Governance, a Digital Marketing Strategy, support with your new or already existing e-commerce project, or professional agency support

I am here to help


"Dealing with content is messy. It is complicated, it is painful and it is expensive" 


Kristina Halvorson

Working with Content Strategists

Collaborating with a freelance content strategist offers businesses a range of advantages, leveraging the unique attributes and independence that freelancers bring to the table without being influenced by internal sensitivities or pre-existing dynamics

When you might need a Content strategist

"Strategic Content shapes your Online Marketing. That´s why it is called strategic."

Kay Auster


Find a few things in my Guide about Content and how it influences your overall performance as a business. Let´s find out what Content Governance is, the most common Content issues, how to define Content goals, why you need audience-centric Content, how to prevent Content Chaos, and how to tackle Content Silos. 


Let´s make Content a little less complex


"Your brand is what other people say about you, when you are not in the room."

Neil Patel


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