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With nearly 20 years of experience in Content & Marketing I help & support businesses B2B & B2C navigate through the jungle of online success and digital life. I can help you to solve online business performance problems.

Kay Auster | austermedia

"Dealing with content is messy. It´s complicated, it´s painful and it is expensive."

Kristina Halvorson

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I help you succeed


Good Online Performance needs an holistic approach. It is all about Leads, Conversion & Sales. As soon as we know the weak points we can start improving it.


I provide Content Solutions for Companies & Agencies. From Content Curation & Editorial Management to Corporate Publishing & Copywriting to Content Ideation & Concept.


Successful Online Marketing today can be quite complex. For any B2B and B2C business it needs clear defined goals and an strategic approach.


Content, Strategy, Performance & Marketing

Nearly 20 years of experience


I am a Content- & Online Marketing Consultant & Freelancer who can help you understand your current online position, build you a targeted strategy and show you how to execute marketing 

campaigns to really connect with your audience. I help to generate results in terms of increase  Leads, Conversion and Sales. My expertise includes Content & Digital Marketing, Strategy 

development, Content & Editorial Management, SEO on page/off page, Lead Generation, Conversion Optimisation, Corporate Communication, PPC, SEM, Content creation (multilingual), Corporate Publishing and Social Media marketing. All my work is project based, meaning no long-term contracts are needed. We only focus on what will get results . You are free to leave at anytime. This method gives you flexibility and confidence that I won’t take my eye off the ball. If you’re looking for a straight-talking, jargon free approach to your content- & marketing, speak to a content- & marketing consultant who really cares.


For whom I work​

Content, Marketing, Strategy, Performance


Reliable, contributing and experienced Content- & Marketing Freelancer are essential for all agencies. I provide a good understanding of how an agency works and I do this for almost 20 years now.

Company / Corporate

Creating values for companies - no matter small, medium, big or startups - needs a good idea of how a freelancer or consultant can really contibute. Understanding the requirements and needs of each company is crucial.


I worked in Affiliate Marketing myself. Content, Performance and Optimisation are the main parts for succesful Affiliate Marketing. I offer a variety of services supporting affiliate marketing companies.

My services

I help you succeed


Not enough Leads, Conversion, Traffic or Sales?

Let´s improve the performance of your Online business now with an holistic approach. From weak point determination in your setup to analysing your target group and competitors, improving your SEO approach or implementing a data based marketing strategy - the goal is simply to generate more Leads, better Conversion and more Sales for your online business. In the end it is all about your Content - in which way you provide it where and to whom. There are several Touch Points and Funnels in your setup and it is all about how you fill the different Funnel stages and provide the right answers at the crucial touch points with any data based approach to your potential target group. The performance of an online business is more than the sum of it´s single measures - to be successful it needs an holistic approach with the right content- and marketing solutions, a proper strategy, defined S.M.A.R.T. goals creativity and focus on the performance with the relevant KPIs.


Sound easy? It isn´t.

austermedia | Online Performance Optimisation
austermedia | Content writing


Content is the most important asset in your setup

Content is king? Ok, then it might be time to treat your Content properly. Benefit now from my almost 20 years of experience working in Content creation and Content management. Based on my journalistic background I provide numerous Content solutions for Agencies, Companies and Affiliates. From Website Content, Corporate Publishing, Content Curation & Localisation to Content Ideation, Concept and Content Project Management. But Content not only needs to be written - it also needs to be managed properly as well. Always. Inefficient Content worfklows & processes cost companies lots of money every year and lead also to dissatisfied departments, teams and employees. I offer Content management services such as Content Team Lead (remote), Editorial management, Freelancer coordination & Content HR consulting, workflow- and process optimisation. 


Let´s create something nice for your business now.


Do you really need to be in all available channels?

Tired of low traffic, weak performance of your paid Ads, irrelvant rankings or the constantly inefficient SEO approach? Today, for online businesses there are numerous channels with many marketing options out there. My goal is to make the complex world of online marketing a little bit easier. Even if there are so many channels out there - do you really need all of them? What do you really need? Online Marketing for B2B and B2C businesses should be data driven, need clear defined goals, and any kind of strategic approach to be successful. From Search Engine Marketing to Social Media-, PPC-, E-Mail-, Affiliate-, Mobile- or Content Marketing, as the most effective organic marketing tactic. It needs a mapped out buyer persona, target group- and competitor analysis a proper approach for conversion. Not every channel is made for selling purposes. Is it about brand awareness or selling? Do you only talk about your company, your products in all channels? Not every product/service is made for Social Media marketing success. The appropriate measure for your business is defined by your target group.


You just need to be, where your key audience is.

austermedia | Content Marketing

"Without strategy, Content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff."

Arjun Basu

Why you might like to work with me:

I can be your content and/or marketing guy, round out the capability of your team, or provide extra horsepower

Almost 20 years of experience in Content, Strategy, SEO & Marketing

  1. You work with a Freelancer, not an agency. So, no overhead

  2. No setup fees & low minimum project budgets

  3. No long term contracts (only on request)

  4. Transparency & Education in strategies & methods

  5. I focus on growth, leads, conversion and sales

  6. Analytic, data driven, result orientated

  7. Rare combination of tech-, content- and marketing skills

  8. Very fast response times (hours, not days)

  9. Jargon free communication

  10. I lead and oversee a network of international top-notch freelancers in all relevant Content-, Marketing-, SEO- and Online disciplines


  • B2B & B2C

  • 19 years working as a freelancer

  • 15 years Corporate communications

  • 15 years working for Agencies

  • 15 years SEO - on page/off page (ahrefs, SemRush Moz, authoritas etc)

  • +12 years PR-/Marketing- & Brand copywriter for agencies/companies

  • +10 years Corporate Publishing print/online 

  • +10 years sports journalist with several hundred publications

  • +  5 years Affiliate Marketing organic, non organic & iGaming

  • Speaker for "Corporate Publishing" at the German Press Academy in Berlin

  • Experienced in stakeholder management internal & external

  • Experienced in different CMS (wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, CoreMedia etc)

  • Experienced in project management & strategy development

  • Experienced in data analysis processes, keyword analysis & site management

  • Experienced in leading & coordinating Content Teams & Freelancers

  • Study: Sociology (social psychology & economy), University of Wuppertal, Germany

Working with me

Is austermedia an agency?

austermedia is a 100% freelance service run by one person. Me. Kay Auster. I set the pace, create & tailor all solutions for my clients myself, while I also oversee, lead and coordinate a network of international top-notch expert freelancers.

Do you provide all services yourself?

My expert network allows you to get access to all kind of potential solutions for your business - BUT - without the common huge overhead costs of bigger digital marketing agencies. Advantage: you don´t need to deal constantly with several different people.

What is you minimum budget?

My minimum project budget is 500€. A lot of projects use to be more long term or at least have a duration of several weeks. Charging my clients hourly based for longer term projects doesn´t sound pretty serious or trustworthy to me. I quote project based.

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