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Online Marketing

Online Marketing needs a comprehensive plan that outlines how a business will leverage online channels and tools to achieve its marketing objectives. It involves defining target audiences, selecting suitable digital platforms, and utilizing various tactics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, and more. The strategy integrates these elements to create a cohesive and synchronized approach, ensuring a brand's online presence aligns with business goals.


As a seasoned freelancer, I deeply understand that every business is one-of-a-kind, with its own distinct goals, hurdles, and needs. This holds true even within the same industry. I firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing is ineffective. Why? Because it doesn't cater to the intricacies of each individual business. What works for one may not work for another. I am fully committed to providing my expertise and assistance to businesses of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their backgrounds.

What I can help you with: 

The approach is pending on your individual business

Digital Marketing

Conversion Optimization

E-Mail Marketing

Competitor Analysis

E-commerce Marketing

Social Media 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketing Audit

Content Marketing

Paid Ads/PPC

Webshop optimization

Buyer Persona Development

A concise overview of the concrete services I can offer to potential clients in digital marketing and e-commerce marketing, focusing on guidance and consulting for various channels, tactics, and actions. These services are designed to offer comprehensive guidance and support in navigating the complexities of digital marketing and e-commerce, leveraging my expertise as a content strategist with a strong foundation in online marketing.

  • Strategic Digital Marketing

  • Holistic Approach to Online Presence

  • Conversion-Focused Tactics

  • Holistic approach

  • Content Marketing Excellence

  • Insights from E-Commerce Success

  • Marketing Agency Leadership

  • Data-driven decision making

The holistic approach to online presence:

Instead of focusing on single tactics in online marketing I always prefer a holistic approach, because the success of a business is not connected to a single tactic. Instead, it's about the synergy of multiple strategies working together to achieve a common goal.


Here's why it leads to better results:

  • Comprehensive Strategy:
    A multifaceted approach that integrates various online marketing channels and tactics to create a cohesive and interconnected digital presence.

  • Alignment with Business Goals:
    Ensure that every aspect of your online presence, from ads to email marketing to social media to content and content marketing, is aligned with your overarching business objectives and target audience needs.

  • Consistent Brand Messaging:
    Maintain a unified brand voice and message across all online platforms and communications to reinforce brand identity and build trust with your audience.

  • Data-Driven Insights:
    Leverage data and analytics to continuously monitor and optimize your online presence, making data-driven decisions to maximize performance and ROI.

  • User-Centric Approach:
    Prioritize user experience and customer satisfaction at every touchpoint of the online journey, delivering seamless interactions that delight and engage your audience.

  • Agile Adaptation:
    Stay agile and adaptable in the ever-evolving digital landscape, quickly responding to market changes and consumer trends to maintain relevance and competitive edge.

  • Continuous Improvement:
    Commit to ongoing improvement and innovation, regularly evaluating and refining your online strategies to stay ahead of the curve and drive long-term success.

Specific settings and details can be discussed during our consultation call.


15 relevant Marketing factors influencing your online success:

Even if Content is heavily involved in most of them let´s put Content thoughts aside and focus on these main factors in online marketing having an impact on your overall Online performance. Content Strategists should know and understand all of them because their created Content Strategies need to consider all of those as potential solutions and supporting tactics. 

My job simply is to enable you to provide the right Content to the right audience to be as successful as possible with the main factors for online success





Creating a useful online marketing strategy involves a systematic and holistic approach to ensure it aligns with your business goals, resonates with your target audience, and delivers measurable results.

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