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Professional Agency Support​. 


Benefit from my experience working for numerous agencies on different projects and also from my experience running my own agency. Collaborate with me to deliver top-tier strategic content, eCommerce, SEO and digital marketing solutions to your clients. Whether it's support for new or ongoing projects, seamless integration into your agency staff, or meeting short-term resource needs, I am a dependable partner. Many marketing agencies seek reliable and experienced freelancers, and I offer comprehensive support in various project phases.

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What I can support you with: 


Working as a freelancer in various corporate environments, diverse projects, several agencies of all kinds of sizes, corporate publishing, content-, digital marketing- and e-commerce projects, and collaborating with diverse projects and clients across different industries provides a wealth of experiences. Overall, my diverse background and experience equip me with the expertise to contribute effectively to agency projects of any size, complexity, or industry focus. Whether it's content, digital marketing, e-commerce, or strategic consulting, I bring a versatile skill set and a proven track record of success to the table.

Profound knowledge in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, SEO and Strategic Content.

Managing projects, requirement coordination of dev, SEO, design, marketing & content

Comprehensive expertise in stakeholder management, request management and key account handling

Data analysis, data-driven recommendations, budget planning and KPI analysis

Seamless collaboration with internal agency staff, departments and freelancers

Client-focused approach, translating client requirements into actionable strategies

What I can provide as a Freelancer

Please consider the following as potential aspects. By not knowing your agency or requirements/needs yet, I can only mention potential reasons why you might like to consider hiring me as a Pro Agency Support in your agency.

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15 years experience working with agencies


Agency-Centric Understanding Having worked for agencies in the past and running my agency, I possess an in-depth understanding of agency workflows, stakeholder dynamics, and the vital role freelancers play. This understanding ensures that I seamlessly integrate into agency projects, meeting their specific needs and expectations. I excel in stakeholder management, seamlessly collaborating with agency staff.​ Seamless Collaboration and Stakeholder Management With a strong background in stakeholder management, I facilitate seamless collaboration with agency staff. I understand the importance of clear communication and collaborative efforts to ensure project success and client satisfaction. Client Requirement Management Excelling in client requirement management, I bridge the gap between client expectations and the technical aspects handled by dev, Content, SEO, or design teams. Agencies benefit from streamlined communication, ensuring that client needs are met at every project phase. Diverse Agency Project Experience Agencies gain from my diverse project experience, having worked with big international brands as well as startups. This varied background allows me to tailor strategies and solutions to meet the unique requirements of each project, ensuring a customized and effective approach. Reliability and Expertise Agencies can trust in my reliability, capability, and experience. By collaborating with me, agencies access a reliable freelance partner who brings agency-level expertise without the associated overhead costs. Efficient Workflow Integration I seamlessly integrate into agency workflows, ensuring smooth project execution and timely delivery. Agencies can count on my ability to adapt to their processes and contribute effectively to project success.

Digital Marketing, Strategic Content, e-commerce

Content Strategy Agencies gain from my expertise as a content strategist, ensuring comprehensive content strategies aligned with business objectives. As a content marketing expert, I contribute to crafting compelling copy and designing multichannel distribution strategies. Agencies benefit from content that not only engages audiences but also drives conversions, enhancing the overall impact of content marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing With a background in owning and operating a marketing agency, I provide strategic insights and hands-on expertise in digital marketing. Agencies can leverage my experience in campaign management, solid SEO knowledge, analytics-driven decision-making, and overall digital marketing proficiency. e-commerce Drawing on my experience in managing my e-commerce business, I bring a deep understanding of e-commerce intricacies. Agencies benefit from my insights into effective strategies, user experience optimization, and tailored solutions for diverse clients.
Corporate Communications I´m experienced in navigating long-term projects within corporate environments. Working at the corporate level demands a unique approach, given the scale and complexity of corporate structures. These environments entail distinct processes, communication methods, and stakeholder involvement compared to standard company structures. Corporate Publishing With my background in corporate publishing, including the creation and full production of customer magazines for Foot Locker/Runners Point and serving as a senior editor for the Deutsche Telekom magazine "you&me," I offer valuable support to agencies in their publishing projects. I understand the intricacies of magazine production. Additionally, my leadership experience equips me to effectively organize and coordinate the entire publication process, ensuring projects are completed on time.

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Work with me:


I offer a holistic approach that aligns seamlessly with the needs of agencies. My collaborative approach, understanding of agency dynamics, and ability to deliver tailored solutions make me a valuable asset for agencies. As an experienced freelancer, my blend of capabilities in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Content Strategy is tailored to meet the unique needs of agencies. My versatile skill set enables me to provide a wide range of services tailored to the unique freelancer demands of an agency. My services and experience as a former agency owner, running my own eCommerce business, working in Affiliate Marketing, and my skills as a Content Strategist, Content Lead, and Content Marketing Manager are designed to empower your agency. Besides that, I understand the importance of translating client requirements into actionable strategies that keep projects moving forward and progressing. With my experience as both a freelancer and an agency lead, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities agencies face. By partnering with me, your agency can leverage my expertise to deliver exceptional solutions across projects of all sizes and scopes.

Let's collaborate to elevate your agency's offerings and achieve remarkable results for your clients.

Pricing Structure:

p.hour:   99,00€ + VAT

Long-term: Price on Application (POA)

I believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs. For project-based work, including audits, a 50% deposit is required before commencement, with the remaining 50% due upon completion. For retainer-based work, monthly invoices will be issued in advance based on the agreed scope of work for the following month.

NDAs can be signed at any time.

Contact me for a FREE initial consultation and let's discuss how I can customize my services to propel your business forward.



To discuss what issues you exactly want to tackle or how I can support you best for your needs we´ll have an initial call.

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