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Hi, I'm Kay Auster,

Let me give you a little glimpse of me

I´m a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse background that has cultivated my expertise across multiple domains. My professional journey began after I studied Sociology at the University of Wuppertal, Germany, with the main thesis on Social psychology, Economy, and Communication. My first ever project I gained, was being the webmaster and editorial lead of NBA Basketball for the German version of - the biggest sports fan community in the USA at that time, entering the German market. Further, I honed my skills during 8 years as a freelance journalist and author for PR and marketing. As a journalist, I realized around 600 publications in German newspapers, online portals, and special interest magazines. As an author, I contributed to numerous marketing agencies, publishers, and businesses, crafting content for corporate publications, online media, and corporate communications. I always loved the bandwidth, diversity, and variety of working as an author/journalist. One day you are interviewing Vin Diesel, coordinating 12 authors of a lifestyle magazine as a content manager, or creating a home story of a famous football star - the other day you create an article about environmental responsibility and sustainable reduction of mercury in global lamp production for the annual report of a huge company like OSRAM or you are hired to create an ideal customer persona for ALLIANZ on behalf of a bigger marketing agency or you consult a leading company in the printing industry with their very sensitive crisis communication- I always loved the range and diversity doing all this. I also worked as a Content Manager for several online portals at that time. 

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Subsequently, I made a foray into the corporate landscape, embarking on a five-year freelance journey in corporate communications with Deutsche Telekom AG and T-Mobile in Bonn, Germany. In this dynamic role, I served as the Head of Intranet, Senior Editor for the internationally acclaimed magazine "you & me," Editorial Lead, and conducted Content Management Training. Operating within the expansive realm of Deutsche Telekom, a corporation boasting over 200,000 employees globally, offered a profound perspective on the distinctions between a company and a corporation.

Navigating the complexities of an entity of this magnitude provided insights into how external agencies adapt to such a colossal organization and how employees, ranging from trainees to vice presidents, navigate and perform on various levels. During my tenure with Deutsche Telekom, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with key stakeholders involved in diverse projects, including partnerships with esteemed entities such as FC Bayern Munich, DFB (German Football Federation), Uefa, and FIFA. Moreover, I had the opportunity to directly engage and collaborate with all Deutsche Telekom sub-brands, including T-Mobile, T-Systems, and T-Home, each of which functioned as an entity unto itself. This extensive experience of cooperation and interaction within the corporate environment, spanning several years, equipped me with invaluable insights and expertise, profoundly influencing my strategic approach, directional choices, and personal development.

Throughout my professional journey, I have carved out a thriving freelance career while simultaneously founding and spearheading my marketing agency, austermedia®, based in Cologne, Germany. austermedia® has had the privilege of collaborating with prominent international brands, startups, and mid-sized companies, spanning a diverse spectrum of fields, including corporate publishing, online marketing, PR, corporate communications, and brand marketing. One of the hallmark projects that significantly shaped my professional trajectory was the complete production of the customer magazine (print and digital) for a global player like Foot Locker/Runners Point over a span of 5 years. This endeavor not only showcased my ability to manage a team of 12 individuals within my agency but also afforded me the unique opportunity to collaborate directly with major international brands such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, Fred Perry, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others. Serving as a direct contributor to this high-profile project, I was intricately involved in daily operations and had the honor of interacting with top-notch international brands, gaining valuable insights, expertise, and experiences that are often challenging to attain. The experience of managing, coordinating, and collaborating with direct stakeholders at such a prestigious level has enriched my professional journey, providing me with a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that continue to fuel my passion for excellence in the field.

In 2015, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by relocating from Germany to the Mediterranean Sea. I ended up on the picturesque island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This move marked a transformative chapter in my life, offering not only the allure of approximately 300 sunny days annually but also a nice multinational environment. Embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle, this significant life change brought both joys and challenges as I adapted to a new country, its people, and its work dynamics. As with any major life transition, settling into a new environment requires time and effort, especially on a small island like Malta. However, after the initial period of adjustment, I found a sense of home in this beautiful locale. Nearly a decade later, that feeling remains unchanged. During my time in Malta, I actively supported various startups, projects, and companies in the realms of online marketing and strategic content. Notably, I crafted an Affiliate Marketing setup, focusing primarily on the US and Canadian markets. Additionally, I delved into the dynamic iGaming industry, accumulating valuable experiences in leading multi-lingual content teams and managing intricate projects. One such project involved building a German-language affiliate marketing portal from scratch with Highlight Media Ltd., overseeing the comprehensive production process. Throughout my journey in Malta, I collaborated with numerous agencies, startups, and companies, contributing my expertise in strategic content and digital marketing, both locally and internationally.

In 2021, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey into e-commerce, founding and spearheading the development of my own venture, This webshop specializes in decoration, interiors, lamps, and furniture. From its inception, I took charge of every aspect, building the shop from the ground up. This involved setting up the Shopify platform, handling all legal and tax obligations, configuring payment providers, installing apps, and fine-tuning supplier settings for a vast array of over 2,000 products. As part of the comprehensive setup, I personally orchestrated the establishment of Social Media channels on Instagram and Pinterest, running paid ads campaigns. Simultaneously, I implemented an Email Marketing system via Klaviyo, crafting various flows, from welcome mailers to abandoned cart reminders. Further, I seamlessly integrated the shop into the Google Merchant Center, running targeted ads on Google Shopping. Expanding the reach, I integrated dekohero into the marketplace, deploying strategic ads directly within the marketplace. The eBay marketplace integration was also meticulously executed. Navigating the complexities of operating from Malta, I set up customer service solutions, return management for German customers, and warehouse infrastructure. With several hundred successful sales under its belt, is now poised for careful scaling to the next level, including adaptation for additional EU markets in diverse languages. Meanwhile, the planning stages for three additional online shops are already underway. This venture has profoundly enriched my understanding of what works and distinguishes essentials from mere niceties. Through collaborations with various agencies and performance marketers, I've discerned the prevalence of empty promises, realizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't hold water. Also, I definitely learned hands-on e-commerce while spending my own money to grow and improve the shop using several strategies and tactics. The experience of creating and managing dekohero has been enlightening, particularly in navigating the dynamic waters of the e-commerce realm, where swimming with sharks is a daily reality, albeit one I am ready to face.

Despite venturing into diverse business realms, my unwavering passion lies in the realm of Content Strategy. Working as a Content Strategist is not just a profession; it's my calling. I thrive in agency environments, reveling in the art of structuring, managing, and evaluating content. This passion is fueled by the realization that true Content Strategists, capable of profoundly impacting a business's online performance, are a rare breed – perhaps numbering no more than two dozen globally. What fuels my enthusiasm is the unique ability of proper Content Strategists to elevate results and influence the dynamics of specific business setups. I am fervently dedicated to aiding companies of all sizes, including startups and webshop owners, in achieving their goals and enhancing their online performance. My mission involves crafting audience-centric content solutions, dismantling content chaos, addressing Content Silos, and eliminating barriers that impede seamless communication between businesses and their audience. If I am not working on my iMac or Macbook, I'm enjoying being a musician, having played the E-Bass since the age of 16. Besides this, I always enjoyed Martial Arts. I'm also a passionate, sometimes even suffering, supporter of 1. FC Köln in football and find relaxation painting abstract acryl paintings and enjoy quality films and series. Embark on this journey with me, where diverse experiences, honed expertise, and unwavering passion converge to create profound impacts in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

...a quite nice journey so far!

Thanks to all who supported me

Working with me:


Collaboration: Flexible Content Partner

My approach to working with clients is as versatile as your needs. Whether you require my expertise for a single long-term project or seek ongoing support for content strategy development, I tailor my services to suit your requirements.


Content Strategy and Optimization

Some clients enlist my services to craft a comprehensive content strategy, while others rely on my expertise to evaluate their current strategies and suggest optimizations. Additionally, I specialize in optimizing e-commerce setups to enhance user experience and drive conversions.


Content Leadership and Integration

For those seeking ongoing support, I offer the option to appoint me as a long-term Content Lead. In this role, I seamlessly integrate into your team, providing leadership and guidance for content-related initiatives. Alternatively, you can engage me as an external collaborator, benefiting from my expertise without the constraints of traditional employment contracts.


Tailored Collaboration

Regardless of the scope of our collaboration, my priority is to understand your business and objectives thoroughly. From there, you dictate how I integrate into your existing projects or spearhead new initiatives. Whether you prefer regular communication or periodic updates, I adapt to your preferred workflow.

Remote Collaboration with Team Integration

For long-term projects that demand a significant investment of my time, I function as an integral member of your team, albeit remotely. I actively participate in relevant meetings, collaborate with your staff or clients, and ensure seamless communication to keep projects on track.


Confidentiality and Professionalism

Rest assured, confidentiality is paramount in all our interactions. If needed, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can be promptly signed to safeguard sensitive information and proprietary assets. My commitment is to provide unparalleled support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your content initiatives thrive. Let's collaborate and elevate your content strategy together.


  • 15 years as Freelancer

  • 7 years owner Marketing Agency

  • 7 years Head of Content

  • 10 years Corporate communications

  • 3 years owner eCommerce Business

  • 9 years Project Management

  • 8 years Corporate Publishing

  • 3 years Ad Management

  • 8 years Email marketing

  • 6 years Social Media marketing

  • 8 years PR / Marketing author

  • 8 years Journalist

  • 6 years Affiliate Marketing

  • 12 years Digital Marketing


Project sample:

FOUNDER & CEO | e-commerce

Onlineshop for interior & decoration


Besides my work as a Content Strategist, in 2021 I started to build  my e-commerce business on the side and built it myself from scratch. Round 2.000 products are implemented and after a couple of hundred sales, it is time to slowly scale dekohero further to another level.

Platform: Shopify, 2.0 template "Warehouse"
Ads: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping
Installments: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, Klaviyo Email Marketing Setup. Marketplace integration, eBay Marketplace integration
Apps: Lucky Orange Heatmap, Rewind Backups, Simprosys Google Shopping Feed, Return Prime, Assortion Upsell, Wishlist Hero, Rapid Search, EasyBy product editor, Power Tool Bulk Tag editor
Supplier Integration: via API fully automized fulfillment

Payment Provider integration: PayPal, Apple Pay, stripe


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