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I provide Content Solutions for Companies & Agencies. From Content Curation & Localisation to Corporate Publishing & Copywriting to Content Ideation & Concept.


Successful Online Marketing today can be quite complex. For any B2B and B2C business it needs clear defined goals and an strategic approach.

austermedia is a 100% freelance service run by one person. Me. Kay Auster. Everything I offer is based on almost 20 years of experience in Content & Marketing.



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Content is the most important asset in your setup

Content is king? Ok, then it might be time to treat your Content properly. Benefit now from my almost 20 years of experience working in Content. Based on my journalistic background I provide numerous Content solutions for Agencies, Companies and Affiliates. I am specialized in all kinds of Content Management solutions to manage, handle and coordinate the content of companies. Content not only needs to be written - much more important is the fact that it also needs to be managed properly as well. Always. Anyone knowing content needs to be in the content seat. Inefficient or broken Content worfklows & processes without the proper interaction, coordination and communication between marketing and content cost companies lots of money every year and lead also to dissatisfied departments, teams and employees. I offer Content management services such as Content Team Lead (remote), Editorial management, Content HR consulting, Content strategy development or workflow- and process optimisation,

Content solutions for Agencies

Reliable and experienced Content Freelancer are essential for agencies. Contributing Content for agencies needs a good understanding of several content projects and how agencies work.

Content Team Lead (remote)

Good content teams need guidance and leadership. Bring the content of your company on another level. Let us bring your content in line with your business goals, let us improve the performance of your content.

Content curation
(SEO data based)

There is a lot of potential in curating content. It is not always necessary to produce everything from scratch again for several channels. Useful existing content can be adapted, improved and updated based on data research. Let´s find the gems in your setup.

Content strategy & governance

The amount of different content channels throughout a company can be overwhelming. Often internal guidelines, governance and coordination throughout all channels and involved stakeholder are missing.

Multilingual Content

You need help localising your content? You enter another market in another language? My freelancer network contains authors in many different languages​. Just get in touch and let me know which one you need.

Content solutions for Companies B2B & B2C

Understanding the individual brand tone and voice and find a good way to communicate those in different channels is crucial. I am experienced cooperating with internal content teams.

Content workflow & process optimisation

I consult and help you improving your content workflows & processes you need, tailored for your company within your current setup/structure. There is no setup template that can be installed to each company - it is individual.

Content HR &
Recruiting consulting

Finding the right content people is not always easy and I can help you to get a good setup - for your needs. I consult and support you to set up a proper content team. No matter in-house or freelancers. Multilingual if needed.



One of the biggest issues in online business setups - especially B2B - is running out of topics and content ideas. That only happens if there is no data based process in place defining what content is needed.

Content planning

Content Planning is about content collecting, content filtering and content consolidation. The right planning makes your life much easier, provides a good structure and enables you to maximise your content resources.

Content- & Editorial Management

Certain broken or not existing key processes within Content- and Marketing workflows can lead to enormous costs for companies, to a weaker performance and frustration within involved departments.

Content audit
(SEO data based)

A content audit gives a good overview of the quality and quantity of your content. Useful to determine the good and the bad content in your setup. What is missing, what is good, what needs adaption or cleaning and curation?



Delegating the right content to the right freelancer, keep track with the time lines, add new freelancers, making adaptions, coordinating and bringing all the contributions in line can be a time consuming job.



Especially as soon as you want to enter a new market you need all your content in another langugage. Your visitors will thank you for localising your content instead of just translating it.

Editorial calendar

Plan your content ahead. A proper editorial calendar can get pretty complex quickly depending on what dates, events or industry related features you want to involve.

Corporate Website Content

Me and my experienced team of writers will give your new website a voice.  will will make all your website content worries disappear. Of course it is all SEO optimised and if needed multilingual.

Affiliate Content

The keys in affiliate marketing content are​ long tail keywords, semantic and the users search intent. Most people already fail with the semanctic approach.

i-Gaming Content

No matter if operator or affiliate - keeping on top of content, and creating new content is hard to do, but vital to keep your site fresh and up to date. My i-Gaming content service is here to help. 

Social Media Content

Wondering which social networks are right for your business? The golden rule to win business via social media is to be where your customers are. I provide content for several Social Media channels

Brand-, & PR Content

While “branding” a product is all about promoting a term, symbol or a product name, public relations (PR) experts view their job as also pitching something with marketing and advertising efforts.

Sports Content

If you provide sports content - most of the time you generate attention. Use my 12 years of experience as a sports journalist. No matter what sports related topic - I provide it.

Corporate Publishing

Customer magazines print or online. I provide from content production to planning & topic ideation to project management or full production. I am a proven expert with almost 15 years of experience in Corporate Publishing.

Landing Page Content

No matter how beautiful your landing pages are, in the end it is the right copy that makes the most difference to how effectively a landing page converts visitors.

Video Content

Sometimes it is so much easier to explain all advantages of a product in a nice professional product video. This content can be shared easily and can be used in almost every channel. 

My Services



Do you really need to be in all available channels?

Tired of low traffic, weak performance of your paid Ads, irrelvant rankings or the constantly inefficient SEO approach? Today, for online businesses there are numerous channels with many marketing options out there. My goal is to make the complex world of online marketing a little bit easier. Even if there are so many channels out there - do you really need all of them? What do you really need? Online Marketing for B2B and B2C businesses should be data driven, need clear defined goals, and any kind of strategic approach to be successful. From Search Engine Marketing to Social Media-, PPC-, E-Mail-, Affiliate-, Mobile- or Content Marketing, as the most effective organic marketing tactic. It needs a mapped out buyer persona, target group- and competitor analysis a proper approach for conversion. Not every channel is made for selling purposes. Is it about brand awareness or selling? Do you only talk about your company, your products in all channels? Not every product/service is made for Social Media marketing success. The appropriate measure for your business is defined by your target group.


You just need to be, where your key audience is.

Online Marketing Consulting

Online marketing consultancy is essentially defined as approaching the best marketing tactics to help businesses to achieve their business objectives online.

Leads: generation, segmentation & nurturing

Lead Management is one of the biggest issues in todays online businesses. MQL & SQL Leads need different approaches at different stages. No segmentation - no performance.

Buyer Persona Development

Knowing your targets is crucial for any business. The more defined the better. The properly defined Buyer Persona provides the frame what you need to do and how you need to approach them.

Online Marketing Strategy Development

Online Marketing can be complex and  requires a data-driven strategy. I am going to filter the appropriate measures for your company and work with you on the best strategy to pinpoint the opportunities in your industry sector.



It is all about the right data. You need to know in detail what they do right and wrong - the more you know - the better for your business. I can help you to find out what you need to focus on in terms of your competition based on the analysed data set.

Touch Points
(Definition & Strategy)

Where are the crucial touch points throughout your whole business setup combining all the channels you use? Where do you may lose your visitors interest by not providing what they were looking for? It needs pretty good research and data analysis.

Content Marketing Consulting

Content Marketing is the most effective tactic in online marketing for B2B and B2C I help you in 6 easy steps to get your Content Marketing in line. Tailored and based on the possibilities of your actual setup.

Target Group

It is all about your target group. There is the focus, there are the people that are going to buy your products/services. Who are they? What are they looking for? The more we know about them the better.

Funnel optimisation
(Sales & Marketing)

Attracting people, engage people, make them convert and make them your client. Online Businesses not understanding the general Funnel structure normally can hardly generate relevant traffic, leads, rankings, sales or revenue.

Online Performance Optmisation Consulting

Performance improvement is an holicsitic approach. You cannot just increase something on one side and leave anything else out for that. Performance is the result of a good setup in all relevant aspects.


Good Conversion is simply the result of you showing​ that you really understood the questions, needs and pain points of your defined target group and provided the right answers.

Weak Point


This process can be very helpful to understand where a visitor gets lost within your setupWhere are barriers and blockades? Let´s determine and tackle them.

Landing Page Optimisation

Optimised Landing Pages are crucial and deciding factors - no matter organic or non organic.Paid Ads with bad Landing Pages are nothing but a waste of money.

SEO Consulting

on page / off page

We are all aware of that today with any 08/15 SEO approach​, you will never outrank anybody anymore. A proper SEO setup is still crucial today. But it needs to be flexible and creative - not standarised.

Traffic Analysis & Targeting

Just generating more traffic doesn´t help. You need the right traffic. Targeted. As long as you provide the right answers to the questions of your target group in the right channels and in the right way - your traffic will increase.

Further services & solutions via my international partner & cooperation network

Paid Ads: Social, Search, Retargeting, PPC & Co

Ads are not organic. So it needs any different approach to make the best out of your money. A/B-testing, optimisation, evaluation, validation and a good campaign setup are the key factors for any successful Ad approach.​



Today marketers need to connect with their audience in a highly targeted and very personalized way, while staying on budget. If they can do this, they will be successful in delivering ROI and revenue back to the business.



Let others promote, market and sell your products or services. where to start? How to find the right partners? What does it need to set it up? I support you with my affiliate marketing experts to install everything you need.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Whether your goal is to grow awareness of your brand within a niche sector or to drive large quantities of sales in a mainstream industry, there is more than likely a place in the social media sphere for you. 

Strategy & Evaluation

Google itself says that out of their round 200 indicators Backlinks are one of their top 3 ranking factors. Unfortunately, 66% of all indexed pages in Google don’t even have one single backlink. One of the deciding factor in the affiliate business in certain niches.



Promoting products and services via mobile devices, such as tablet and smartphone. Use features like location services, to tailor campaigns based on an individual's location.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid search advertising can deliver top page visibility instantly. All you need are clear business goals, a budget, keywords to advertise on and effective landing pages to immediately go live with your PPC campaign. I can help you with your campagns in Google and Bing.



Many marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks they would otherwise do manually such as newsletters, lead nurturing workflows, Social Media post scheduling or campaign tracking elements.



A local company needs a targeted marketing strategy to attract a new set of customers.The focus is on Local SEO and Location targeting (Adwords & Facebook). It is all about finding the right local customers.  

"Dealing with content is messy. It´s complicated, it´s painful and it is expensive."

Kristina Halvorson

Nearly 20 years experience  in Content & Online Marketing  

All services I offer can be realised in line with your existing structure, staff and teams. I am experienced in team-, project- & stakeholder management. I offer a free initial call or chat to discuss any of your potential needs, projects, setup problems, demands and potential solutions. In most cases I find a quick way to help & support. 


Let´s take care of yours now 


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