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Audience-centric Content

Audience-centric content is a strategic approach to content creation that revolves around understanding, empathizing with, and meeting the needs of the target audience. In essence, it involves tailoring content to resonate with the specific preferences, interests, challenges, and aspirations of the audience.

Strategic Content has a clear understanding of your audience. This is what it is all about - YOUR audience.

It is NOT about your company, your products, or services. NOT about rankings, keywords, page speed, or Link building. The problem here is, that neither Marketing nor SEO can provide the mandatory audience-centric perspective to Content. 

Just stop talking only about your company and your products/services

Who cares? Marketing-defined Content is way too often simply NOT audience-centric and as long as your Content is not audience-centric you create just stuff and gain no results with your online marketing efforts.

Why? Because the job of marketing is to think about and create campaigns, talking about the company and its products/services first - what they ignore: your audience doesn´t care - they want answers to their questions, demands, and pain points first. Also, way too often marketing needs or wants to please anyone "from up there" - which means way too much stuff gets created, generated, or thought through, to make anyone happy in upper management. That´s why there is the perfect quote from Michael Brenner, saying "Behind every piece of bad Content is an executive who asked for it." Besides that, a marketing department will also usually move anything to the side that has to do with Content - mainly to push their latest campaign - from deadlines to amendments, from approvals, guidelines, to creation, and everything in between, because usually, they do not see themselves as "being in charge" for Content.

Get your Content strategic now! It´s easy, but it needs a changed perspective

SEO-defined Content is also not audience-centric. SEO's job is to provide good data to give insights into user intention and create ideas on how to improve a site based on Google requirements.

How can Content be audience-centric if all your thoughts and efforts are circling around long tail keywords, meta titles, H1, H2, Google rankings, technical performance of a site, domain authority, page speed, or link building of a page you are in charge of? In 20 years of my career, I probably met not even a handful of SEOs being able to create more than 3 lines of Content "ready-to-publish" by themselves - Content gets evaluated, created, and planned, based on good SEO data - but the strategic approach of Content should never be defined by SEO. Because they simply can´t. The truth is that this is just the case because companies just want to save a few bucks for relevant Content people. Not happy with your overall performance? Guess why.....


Think about who is in charge of your Content and how it is treated actually 

Do you still consider Content as a "Nice-to-have" thing, and more as a "necessity"? Well, there you already might have a good reason for your under-performance in your online marketing efforts. Marketing is not Content - SEO is neither.


But both are in charge of your Content today. Most people think evaluating Content can be done by Marketing or SEO on the side. Plus creating Content could be done via any writer or KI plus a little support from any person in Marketing "taking care" of it - well, then - looking at the results of your online marketing efforts you realize: obviously not!



Start considering your own Content as one of the most valuable business assets 

Simply stop listening to people telling you "..we just need a 3.000 word text about the topic xyz - even if we know nobody will ever read it - it is just for Google."


That is the worst you can do - because latest there, you´ve lost your potential audience on their way in and through the funnel. Of course, it might need this text - but for another reason, with another intention, and with another goal. As long as you are not an affiliate marketing company you need a different approach.

​​Forget about to outrank your competition. Start marketing your business 

For a business, the goal is not to outrank anybody. The goal is to communicate and market as a company. Do you want to outrank your competition?


Ok, then simply go the big budget route and fight your competition with huge budgets and link-building efforts big time. Every good SEO knows how it needs to be done and how much budget it needs to get the links you need. Or you communicate as a business, focus on your own, and provide strategic Content to your audience. Ideally, you simply combine both - because that is what successful online businesses do.

Understand that YOUR Content is everywhere! Mails, Ads, Social Media... 

Even in your customer service, on your website, in your product- and service descriptions - simply everywhere. This means, in all those channels you put your Content - but how strategic is it?


So, who defines the important voice of your brand and your company in all those channels you use? Marketing? SEO? A trainee? External agencies, freelancers? Even different ones for your Email Marketing, Social Media, or your Ads? The awful truth is, as soon as it comes to your Content - that there is total Content chaos in most businesses, creating endless Vanilla Content on most Social Media platforms, having no audience-centric approach leading to underperformance in most online marketing efforts, generating obvious and noticeable Content Silos, a lack of understanding of the value of your own Content and in 90% of the cases not even having anyone in charge for it.  

And you are wondering?


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