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"We can't get proper Leads, because we don't have enough traffic."

Sounds familiar?

Definitely the wrong logic approach. Let's be honest here: in most cases there are good reasons for it. Most of them are obvious. Before proper leads can come in you might need a proper online business setup with the right strategy in place to keep it all together. If there is no proper setup more traffic cannot help you. You simply generate only more visitors on your site not converting.

How I can help


Targeted Traffic

Creating just tons of traffic is easy - to get it qualified and targeted is the key

Channel optimisation

Having different channels running means it needs a superior approach holding it together

Better Leads

The better Leads get segmented, the better results will come up

Performance improvement

As soon as you have a nice mixture of several useful tactics and solutions in place performance improves

Higher Conversion

If you answer the visitor´s questions at the right point Conversion increases

More Sales

The rule is still valid: a good performance with solid leads will automatically lead to more sales.

My Services


Online Marketing Consulting

I can help to bring your Online Marketing in line

Online marketing consultancy is essentially defined as approaching the best marketing tactics to help businesses to achieve their business objectives online. Whether the business has a strategy or not, the task of online marketing consultancy is to analyze, investigate, and establish an effective marketing strategy.  The consultancy’s main focus is to provide the science and art of digital by studying the data and capabilities and provide ideas and tactics that are efficient and cost-effective.​

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Online Marketing Strategy Development

Online Marketing needs an strategical approach

I am going to filter the appropriate measures for your company. In close coordination with you, I develop the optimal marketing strategy to guarantee the best possible path through the sales funnel. I support you in setting up user-relevant and simultaneously search engine-optimised content on the one hand, and disseminate your content in the social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin on the other, using the content to create valuable interlinking. This ensures that customers are made aware of your content and the likelihood of additional turnover rises.

Content Marketing Consulting (B2B & B2C)

It let´s you grow organic

I help you in 6 easy steps to get your Content Marketing in line. Tailored and based on the possibilities of your actual setup.

  1. Situtation analysis and research

  2. Target- & S.M.A.R.T. goals definition

  3. Target Group analysis

  4. User needs, demands & pain points

  5. Content strategy and Content creation

  6. Monitoring and reporting

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Online Performance Optimisation (B2B & B2C)

Need to improve? Sustainable? Measurable?

Let´s improve your Online Performance now with an holistic approach. From weak point determination within your setup to analysing your competitors, improving your SEO approach or implementing a digital strategy - the goal is simply to generate more Leads, better Conversion and more Sales for your online business. No matter if we look at your Traffic, Leads, Conversion, Sales or Brand Awareness - it is all about your Content. There are Touch Points and Funnels in your setup and it is all about how you fill the different Funnel stages and provide the right answers at the crucial touch points with any data based approach.

Weak point determination

Finding barriers and blockades

Weak point determination in online business setups can be very helpful to understand where a visitor gets lost within your setup. What blocks more traffic? Are there technical issues? Do you have the wrong SEO approach in progress? Is the Buyer Persona defined properly? Where are barriers and blockades? Do you have defined goals or any strategic approach to achieve these goals? This and many more can be determined. Let´s find it out now.

Unfortunately, way too many Online Business setups - no matter B2B or B2C - way too often just struggle with the most common content-, marketing- and performance issues & mistakes.


That´s just the awful but honest truth.

Common issues in 

online business setups:


The issues are similar no matter B2B or B2C, no matter small or big business.

  • low traffic

  • not enough qualified leads

  • not enough sales

  • low conversion

  • technical issues

  • no understanding of the Funnel(s)

  • bad content through all channels
  • no plan for the crucial touch points

  • running out of Content ideas

  • no qualified content people

  • struggle with the SEO approach
  • no multichannel perspective
  • no clear plan for Social Media
  • broken or not existing content workflows and processes
austermedia | Online business setup

Common mistakes in online business setups:


The mistakes are similar no matter B2B or B2C, no matter small or big business.

  • no strategical approach

  • no defined goals

  • no Lead segmentation (MQL/SQL)

  • no answers to visitors questions

  • e-mail spamming as approach

  • missing Funnel structure

  • mixing up Content with content writing

  • no mapped out buyer persona(s)

  • useless Landing Pages

  • outdated SEO approach

  • only talking about your company

  • only talking about your products

  • inefficient Social Media approach

  • too focused on paid Ads 

  • not knowing what competitors do

  • no Linkbuilding strategy

  • justifying the wrong approach




You need the right Goals & Strategies first if you want to tackle the most common issues and mistakes in online business setups. It needs an individual combination of content, strategy, digital marketing tactics and performance optimisation. 

Let´s take care of your setup now

My Services


austermedia | SEO Kay Auster

SEO Consulting
on page / off page

SEO is still very important for good performance

Good on page SEO is definitely still very important. ​For your rankings, your organic traffic as well as for understanding what your competition is doing and to create the right content your target group is looking for. Data analysis is the buzzword here. The right data allows you to create something that has an impact because if it is data based, strategical and in line with goals - it will improve the overall performance. Measurable. Also a good technical SEO approach enables you to figure out hurdles and barriers within your own site. Site speed, mobile performance, javascript, PHP, CMS, plugins etc - all that and more influences your performance, the rankings and in the end the sales. But SEO needs to be way more flexible today than it was 10 years ago. A standard 08/15 SEO approach with any cheap retainer leads you absolutely nowhere and doesn´t give you the results you really want while your competition moves ahead further.

Leads: generation, segmentation, nurturing

Why do you need Lead segmentation?

Lead Management is one of the biggest issues in todays online businesses. MQL & SQL Leads need total different approaches at different stages. Cold Leads are no Leads at all because you hardly know anything about the ones to whom you are trying to talk to. Cold Leads are hardly data based. Your online performance is pending on what you provide to your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and to your Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). No segmentation - no performance.

austermedia | Conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation

I can help you to bring your content in line

Conversion is nothing but providing the right answers at the right touch points to your visitors. Also Conversion is based on how you structure your content and where you provide what to your visitors. Do you deliver answers to the visitors pain points and provide what they are looking for? Lots of companies just struggle with their Landing Pages, proper A/B-testing, their paid Ads and the general conversion optimisation processes.Some even believe that they just chose the wrong colour for their CTA(s) - not even seeing that their whole setup is simply not made for any optimised conversion.

Touch Points
(Definition & Strategy)

Where do you provide what to your visitor?

Where are the crucial touch points throughout your whole business setup combining all the channels you use? Where do you may lose your visitors interest by not providing what they were looking for? Creating the right Content at the right touch points needs pretty good research and data analysis as well as an understanding of how the visitor got where and why. YOU have to be where your visitors are.

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Competitor Analysis

You need to know them in detail - the more the better

Knowing your ideal customer is only the first step. You also need to know with whom you are competing. How much do you really know about your competitors? Most companies will monitor their competitors' business activities: some more than others. I can help you to enhance the competitor information that you have at hand. I help you to find out what you need to focus on to go ahead or how to close the gap(s) levelling up. We can create performing strategies out of these data sets and develope the appropriate measure for your business.

Today, online success simply means planning around people - not around your company, products or services.

I help you succeed


Consumers realise they have any kind of problem, need or demand - going to a search engine to find answers. So you simply have tofollow that and provide them the right answers and solutions at the crucial touch points. We are all aware of that today the consumer is in total control - so, as consumers lead, marketers and brands must follow. Otherwise they fall behind.

My Services


My Services


Target Group analysis

You need to be where your potential clients are

It is all about your target group. There is the focus, there are the people that are going to buy your products/services. Who are they? What are they looking for? The more we know about them the better. From there we create and develop the ideal Buyer Persona. The generated data allows you to get rid of useless content and focus on what you potential clients want, need or demand.


Buyer Persona development

The more defined, the better

Knowing your targets is crucial for any business. The more defined the better. The clearer the picture the easier to approach. The properly defined Buyer Persona provides the frame what you need to do and how you need to approach them. Your ideal customer is a fictitious person which your product/service is perfectly suited for. A marketing persona is then created based upon this ideal client. A persona represents a subset of your target market. You give them name, a profile, demographic info, job title, pain points, aspirations, the channels they use and phychographic details. Do you provide the right answers at the right Touch Points? Is the content that you provide what they are looking for? Do you go with any strategic approach or just hoping for the best? 

Funnel creation
(Sales & Marketing)

You need to guide your visitors to the right point

Visitors on a website normally get guided to a certain point throughout different funnel stages. There are lots of marketing- and content funnels out there and Online Businesses not understanding the general Funnel structure normally can hardly generate relevant traffic, leads, rankings, sales or revenue. The idea behind all of this is almost the same: Attracting people, engage people, make them convert and make them your client by letting them purchase whatever you offer.

austermedia | Funnel optimisation

Landing Page optimisation

Good Landing Pages lead to better performance

Optimised Landing Pages are crucial and deciding factors - no matter organic or non organic. Especially paid Ads (Google, Facebook etc) with bad Landing Pages behind it are nothing but a waste of money. There are clear rules how a performing Landing Page should look like and the elements that need to be integrated. The variations are coming by the kind of product/service you offer. Landing Page optimisation is a constant process by using different versions to find out what is performing and what not.

Traffic: Analysis & Targeting

Traffic needs to be targeted.

Just generating more traffic doesn´t help. You need the right traffic. Targeted. As long as you provide the right answers to the questions of your target group in the right channels and in the right way - your traffic will increase. Only if the rest of your online business setup has a proper strategic approach and is really optimised to create Leads out of your traffic you will come to relevant results. Otherwise you only create more not converting visitors. The traffic needs to be directed through the right channels and touch points. For that it needs a data based strategy how which visitors at which touch points will receive which content. Traffic is the result of providing the right answers to the visitors needs, demands and pain points at the right time, at the right touch point.

austermedia | Traffic analysis

My Services


Further services & solutions via my international partner & cooperation network

Paid Ads: Social, Search, Retargeting, PPC & Co

Ads are not organic. So it needs any different approach to make the best out of your money. A/B-testing, optimisation, evaluation, validation and a good campaign setup are the key factors for any successful Ad approach.​



Today marketers need to connect with their audience in a highly targeted and very personalized way, while staying on budget. If they can do this, they will be successful in delivering ROI and revenue back to the business.



Let others promote, market and sell your products or services. where to start? How to find the right partners? What does it need to set it up? I support you with my affiliate marketing experts to install everything you need.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Whether your goal is to grow awareness of your brand within a niche sector or to drive large quantities of sales in a mainstream industry, there is more than likely a place in the social media sphere for you. 

Strategy & Evaluation

Google itself says that out of their round 200 indicators Backlinks are one of their top 3 ranking factors. Unfortunately, 66% of all indexed pages in Google don’t even have one single backlink. One of the deciding factor in the affiliate business in certain niches.



Promoting products and services via mobile devices, such as tablet and smartphone. Use features like location services, to tailor campaigns based on an individual's location.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid search advertising can deliver top page visibility instantly. All you need are clear business goals, a budget, keywords to advertise on and effective landing pages to immediately go live with your PPC campaign. I can help you with your campagns in Google and Bing.



Many marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks they would otherwise do manually such as newsletters, lead nurturing workflows, Social Media post scheduling or campaign tracking elements.



A local company needs a targeted marketing strategy to attract a new set of customers.The focus is on Local SEO and Location targeting (Adwords & Facebook). It is all about finding the right local customers.  

My Services



The Marketing consulting process


Set SMART content goals.

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Agreed upon

  • Realistic

  • Time Based


Identify key metrics to track, measure and optimize content efforts. 7 key content marketing metrics: lead quality, sales, web traffic, onsite engagement, social media engagement, SEO success, and authority.


Analysing the already existing content, analyse what the competitors are doing and create the appropriate action plan.


Identify relevant keywords with substantial search volume and low competition and assign these keywords to the content funnel.


Design content funnel (content marketing plan) for a chosen audience using information, education, and solution-based content.


Optimise existing content and website by deleting, merging or improving the content to fit the goals and content funnel.


Produce content based on a content funnel and keywords.


Automate content distribution by setting up auto-sharing to social media, email list, and outreach contacts.


Every 3 months, review and analyze the results. Review goals, metrics, and change accordingly.

My Services


Nearly your whole online business setup is just content.

That is mainly the reason why content is king and why 75% of succesful online businesses describe Content Marketing as their most effective tactic today. (HubSpot survey 2020).

Nearly 20 years experience  in Content & Online Marketing  

All services I offer can be realised in line with your existing structure, staff and teams. I am experienced in team-, project- & stakeholder management. I offer a free initial call or chat to discuss any of your potential needs, projects, setup problems, demands and potential solutions. In most cases I find a quick way to help & support. 


Let´s take care of yours now 


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