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" Dealing with content is 

messy. It is complicated, it is painful and it is expensive "  
Kristina Halvorson

How I do it: I am specialized in planning, managing, organizing and evaluating Corporate Content. Goal oriented. Result driven. Data based. Strategic. Let's try to sum it up on one page:

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The big "4" in Content​

Get rid of any Content chaos first. The most important step is definitely to get your Company Content sorted, structured & organized. I am specialized in Content Organization, Content Strategy, Content Management and Content Marketing. So let's have a look at how I can help you with the most important factors for good Content & Online Performance.


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Content Organization

Beside technical problems Content Evaluation and Content Organization are the biggest issues in most online businesses. As long as you keep your Content - the most important asset - unstructured, not properly planned, managed and organized, without any strategic approach or any solid data based and client centric approach behind it, there won't be any performance of your online business.



Analyze & Evaluate what you really need your Content for. Understanding the demands of your potential target group is crucial. The key to success in every online business is to provide the right answers


"Without strategy, Content is just stuff.
And the world has enough stuff."

Arjun Basu

Content Strategy


Good Content Evaluation is a key factor. Probably the most important step. What is your core audience looking for? What are their pain points, demands and needs? Which answers do you need to provide? Good Evaluation enables you to get your Strategic Content being mapped out into single topics. It will set the pace for all your further coming steps. 

Content production is great at face value, but ultimately, business results are what matter. Content needs to perform and deliver quantifiable business impact. Way too much irrelevant stuff gets published on a daily basis, teams, employees and visitors get frustrated and the Content efforts deliver no results at all.

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Content Management


Content Intelligence today is Business Intelligence. Good Content performance  needs a working Content Management with a proper dedicated Content Leadership, governance & efficient workflows & processes behind it. Broken, wrong, inefficient or even missing Content workflows & processes have huge impacts on online business performances. Managing, coordinating and handling Content on a daily basis needs people knowing Content.



Today, online success simply means planning around people - not around your company, products or services.


Consumers B2B & B2C realise they have any kind of problem, need or pain point - going to a search engine to find answers. So you simply have to​ follow that and provide them the right answers and solutions. We are all aware of that today the consumer is in control - so, as consumers lead, marketers and brands must follow. Otherwise they fall behind.


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Too often Content production in many companies is inefficient and chaotic - without any business relevant results


Focus to get rid of the Content chaos. Content is all you have to offer - better treat it right. Chaotic Content production, evaluation and handling is - beside technical issues - one of the main factors for non-performing online businesses. One of the biggest challenges of Content - no matter B2B or B2C - is being able to create the quantity of high-quality Content needed in a cost effective way, providing answers to the needs, demands and pain points of the potential target group.


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Performance & Growth

Generating Leads & optimizing Conversion needs a good Content structure. Beside the strategy, handing, organization, and management of Content there are a few other factors for performance & growth involved.

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