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What Content is

Let´s have a look at what Content is for a company. Most companies still underestimate the value of their business Content. Content is an important business asset. Why companies need to treat, manage and organize their content way better and why content intelligence today is business intelligence





Main Content issues

Most companies have problems with their Content - from managing it, to planning, governance, workflows and processes - let´s have a look at a few reasons for that

Audience Centric Content

Tailoring content to audience desires creates connections that resonate, fostering loyalty and engagement. Why is audience-centricity so important? 

Content Chaos

I can help you to get your Content sorted and organized. Get rid of Content Chaos. Let´s install workflows & processes

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Content Silos

Siloed content stifles collaboration and hampers consistency, hindering your brand's cohesive storytelling.

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Content Governance

Establishing robust governance ensures content integrity and coherence, guiding your brand's narrative with precision.


Content shapes your marketing

From brand storytelling to lead generation, strategic content shapes every step of your marketing journey, driving lasting success.

Buyer Persona

Crafted with empathy and insight, buyer personas illuminate the path to understanding your audience's needs and desires, guiding targeted content creation and driving meaningful engagement.

Content Goals

Defining SMART goals is crucial for strategic Content - without defined goals & metrics you cannot measure

Content Types

Diversify your content types to captivate audiences across platforms, from immersive videos to bite-sized infographics.


SEO & Content

In the digital arena, SEO and content are symbiotic forces, where strategic optimization fuels content's visibility and amplifies its impact on your audience.

Content Pillars

Content Pillars are fundamental thematic categories or focal points that structure and guide the content of a brand or company.


Content Strategy

Why all businesses should have a strategic approach to their content and build a solid Content Strategy



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